Welcome to the ARCH Project

Welcome and introduction from Principal Investigator, Professor Ruth Emond

Back to the Future: Archiving Residential Children’s Homes (ARCH) is a three year project being undertaken by researchers at the University of Stirling and the University of Osnabrück. The research has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Council and the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) and aims to explore and improve how the everyday group care experiences of children and young people in residential care are captured and preserved. The team will work in partnership with children, young people, care experienced adults, as well as with Aberlour Children’s CharityBirthlinkThe National Records of Scotland, and The Residential Childcare Project at Cornell University.

You can explore the project aims, timeline, team, and outputs using the menus above. Keep an eye out for blog posts as the project progresses and follow us on Twitter @ARCH_Stirling.

Have a listen to what life was like in @AberlourCCT Orphanage for Ron Aitchison who lived there 1950-64 in one of our oral histories https://archproject.stir.ac.uk/welcome-to-the-arch-project/project-aims/phase-one-the-past/phase-one-oral-history/ Parts of Ron's testimony have been added to our ever-developing timeline https://archproject.stir.ac.uk/welcome-to-the-arch-project/project-aims/phase-one-the-past/timeline/ #ThrowbackThursday

Well done to @unistirarchives for the launch of the @AberlourCCT archive today, now including the personal collection of Ron Aitchison. Ron had some wonderful insights to share alongside the very thoughtful remarks of @SallyAnnKelly1. A really lovely event.

In 1969, @aberlourcct is created and Mrs Craven (pictured) is appointed Director. Children no longer had to attend Episcopalian church but were to be brought up in accordance with the religion of their parents, if any #throwbackthursday https://archproject.stir.ac.uk/

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We are aware that you may have personal experience of being looked after by Aberlour or have someone you care about who was. If you want to know more about accessing personal records held by Aberlour, please click here for details or email Helen.Jones@aberlour.org.uk

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