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Phase One: The Past

Phase One of the ARCH project will examine historical records between 1920 and 1980 in order to explore how everyday group experiences were recorded within the different historical, social, and cultural contexts in both Germany and Scotland. This phase will run through the first year of the project from September 2021 until September 2022.

Examples of the types of data considered:

  • Samples of case files
  • Minute Books (records of meetings at the institution)
  • Organisational Magazines
  • Daily Diaries and Log Books
  • Admission Registers
  • Publications and Photographs
  • Financial Records
  • Legal Papers

Unboxing the archive.

Explore the history of Aberlour:


This timeline is very much a work in progress and will continue to develop. It has been populated with some of the information from the Aberlour archive, which will develop as we discover more. We will seek to add in the experiences and voices of children and care experienced adults. If you previously lived at Aberlour and think there is something that should be added, you can find contact details using the tab above and to the right or by sending a DM in Twitter to @ARCH_stirling

Sensory Blog

Explore some of the sights, sounds, and smells of Aberlour, described by Research Fellow, Miriam Buncombe in this sensory blog.

StoryMap – Aberlour Around the World

This story map traces some of the travels of individuals who lived at Aberlour.

This collaborative, online exhibition explores how children and children’s rights have been portrayed historically in the Aberlour magazines and how these representations compare to contemporary approaches.

Blog Post

See our blog post on early phase one analysis of the Aberlour Orphanage Magazines (1920-70) here

Phase Two: The Present

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