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Field trip to Germany: Deviations and discovery

This blog gives an insight into Dr Siân Lucas (ARCH co-investigator) and Laura MacDonald’s (Social Worker, Birthlink Scotland) fieldtrip to Germany in November 2023.  Laura and I arrived at Frankfurt airport, just missing our train connection.  Thankfully the conductor was lenient and we didn’t have to pay a fine.  We arrived late in Osnabrück and

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Berlin Blog

By Mervyn Miller (Scottish advisory group member), Skye Foster (Co-Researcher) and Andrew Burns (Research Fellow) In July, we travelled to Berlin to meet Tanja Abou who is a member of the German advisory group.  Tanja is an academic working for the Institute for Social and Organisational Pedagogy at The University of Hildesheim. She is also a

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Phase Two Data Collection

Phase Two data collection is well underway.  While it is fair to say that this process has been even more complicated than we anticipated, we have been able to undertake some photo-elicitation exercises with individuals and small groups in order to get an idea of participants’ opinions on various aspects of the archive, including content,

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Save the Date! 20th June 2023

Do you or your organisation have an interest in recording and memory keeping for children in care? We will be hosting an in person knowledge sharing event on 20th June and hope that you will join us in this opportunity to share your views and experiences. Watch this space for further info soon…

International Exchange

Research Fellow, Andrew Burns, travelled to Osnabrück in January this year to meet and work more closely with our German colleagues on phase two of the ARCH Project.  This included reviewing data already collected in this phase and the progress on the technological aspects of the digital archive.  He was also able to visit the

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New team member…

My name is Laura and I’m super excited to be joining the ARCH research team. I am a registered social worker and researcher at the University of Stirling. My research interests include children’s rights and welfare, bereavement, domestic abuse, and using digital methods in research with children and young people. I am also doing a

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Technology Enabled Care

The Care Inspectorate recently released this practice guidance on using technology and digital devices to improve health and wellbeing in care settings, and the ARCH project featured as a case study in this.  In launching this guidance, the Care Inspectorate organised a webinar and we were able to present information about the project to 250+ attendees, which was

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Are we doing it ‘right’? Ethical complexity in the ARCH Project

By Andrew Burns, Research Fellow One of the things that attracted me to the ARCH Project was its complexity. Here was a project that was seeking to bring together care experienced children, young people, and adults with archivists, researchers, academics, and residential childcare professionals to explore if and how the everyday of residential childcare could

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Off the Record: Finding Group Life in the Aberlour Archive

The ARCH Project benefits from the expertise and guidance of advisory groups – one for the Scottish team and one for the German team.  These groups were established to help develop the proposal for the research and they continue to meet to review progress and guide the research teams as they navigate their way through this

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Spreading the word

In July 2021, University Archivist Karl Magee and project partner Hugh Hagan from the National Records of Scotland detailed the rationale and set-up of the ARCH project to the ICA-SUV Conference. Their presentation outlined some of the key aspects of the ARCH project, including the unique regulatory context in Scotland created by the Public Records

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