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Cook, T.:

Millar, L.: Touchstones: Considering the Relationship between Memory and Archives | Archivaria

The below papers have been published by our colleagues in Germany:

Schäfer, Maximilian/Eßer, Florian (2023): Erinnerbare Kindheit und Jugend in Heimerziehung – Befunde zur kustodialen Archivierung des Heimalltags am Beispiel Freistatt. In: Neue Praxis, H. 2, S. 121 – 138. Translated: Memorable Childhood and Youth in Residential Care – Findings on the Custodial Archiving of Everyday Life in Care Homes using the Example of Freistatt)

Heyen, M., Schäfer, M., Eßer, F. & Thelen, T. (2023). Heimerziehung gemeinsam erinnern – Zwischenergebnisse zur Entwicklung digitaler Gemeinschaftsarchive für Wohngruppen. Forum Erziehungshilfen, 29(5), 305–309.  Translated:  Remembering residential care together – interim results on the development of digital community archives for residential groups.

Schäfer, M., Eßer, F. Heimerziehung erinnern. Sozial Extra 47, 358–362 (2023). Translated: Findings on Memory Aids on this Side and Beyond Institutional Archives


The Scottish Council on Archives published its Scottish Archives and Records Year in Review in November 2023. It includes two articles the ARCH project’s work with the Aberlour Archive, including a piece on the findings of Phase 1 of the ARCH project. Click on the link below to access.

Scottish Archives:


The chapter below was written by Karl Magee for the book Lindsay Anderson Revisited which looked at the personal papers contained in the Lindsay Anderson Archive. Karl is an Archivist at the University of Stirling and Co-Investigator for the ARCH project.

Lindsay Anderson Revisited: Unknown Aspects of a Film Director | SpringerLink

Hedling, Erik. & Dupin, Christophe. (eds.) (2016) Lindsay Anderson Revisited : Unknown Aspects of a Film Director. [Online]. London: Palgrave Macmillan UK

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